World Field Epidemiology Day 2022 – Expand the footprints of DISEASE DETECTIVES

The Liberia Field Epidemiology Network joined the world over to celebrate World Field Epidemiology Day 2022. World Field Epidemiology Day is a global movement to recognize and raise awareness of the vital role of field epidemiologists in protecting the health of populations, thus advancing global health security, and to advocate for increased investment in field epidemiology training, research, and professionals.
Why September 7?
On this date in 1854, John Snow took his findings from his now-famous investigation of the Broad Street cholera outbreak to local officials, leading them to take action and remove the handle of the offending water pump. Field epidemiologists are key to global health preparedness — they find where diseases are spreading and how to stop them. “On World Field Epidemiology Day, we honor the important work of these disease detectives.” Expand the footprints of DISEASE DETECTIVES!