Liberia to Launch FETP-Intermediate

FETP-Intermediate is an 8 to 9 months in-service training program that focuses on strengthening epidemiologic capacity at the middle level of the health system.

Participants come together for 5 workshops of 1-2 weeks each, where they learn about conducting surveillance effectively; evaluating surveillance systems; detecting and investigating outbreaks; collecting data to address public health priority issues; analyzing data using Epi Info; training and mentoring; and communicating effectively with scientific and nonscientific audiences. Between workshops they return to their jobs and complete field projects to practice, implement, and reinforce what they have learned.

Through successful implementation of FETP-Intermediate, the MOH will achieve the following program objectives:

  • Improve the skills of middle level public health workers in data collection and analysis, interpretation, and communication
  • Increase collection and use of public health data for decision making
  • Improve the quality and use of surveillance data at the middle level of the health system
  • Strengthen capacity to respond to outbreaks and other public health threats

A successful implementation of FETP intermediate would require;

  • High-level Ministerial support for the implementation and conduct of the program
  • Motivated participants that are committed to learning and providing high quality epidemiologic services
  • Resources available to support classroom training and field work
  • Supervisors support of participants by providing time, opportunities, and resources to complete field assignments at their workplace
  • Participants have access to disease surveillance data
  • Participants have access to a computer with the basic Microsoft suite and Epi-Info 7
  • Mentors are available to provide guidance and technical assistance

In view of that, an implementation workshop was held at the National EOC from February 28- March 1, 2017 to guide the implementation of FETP-intermediate in Liberia. Present at the implementation workshop were representatives from Ministry of Health, CDC – Liberia, CDC – Headquarters (Atlanta), WHO, AFENET and University of Liberia.

Liberia, having met all the requirement, has tentatively scheduled workshop 1 for their first cohort from April 10 – April 21, 2017.