Liberia FETP graduated the fifth cohort of her Intermediate program

Residents and Faculty2

The Liberia Field Epidemiology Training Program (LFETP) graduated the fifth cohort of her Intermediate program (FETP-Intermediate) on December 3, 2021. In the course of nine months, the residents were equipped with requisite skills in applied field epidemiology such as disease surveillance (surveillance data analysis and surveillance system evaluation), outbreak investigation and response, data quality and management, observational studies, and public health communication. Highlights of the graduation were scientific presentations by the graduates on: (1) Substance use among students aged18 to 24 years in tertiary institutions, Liberia, 2021, (2) COVID-19 Preventive Knowledge and Vaccination Status among Students in Tertiary Institutions, Liberia, 2021, (3) Secondary Data Analysis, Liberia National Cancer Registry (LINCAR), 2021, and (4) Antimicrobial Resistance Secondary Data Analysis, Liberia, 2018-2020.

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