Liberia FETP-Frontline Alumni Presenting at the 2016 AFENET Conference

Congratulations to our Liberian FETP-Frontline alumni whose abstracts have been accepted for presentation at the 2016 African Field Epidemiology Network (AFENET) Conference in Abuja, Nigeria, 8-12 August, 2016!

Out of 504 Abstracts submitted from 31 FELTP programs for the 6th AFENET Conference, (some submissions from outside of Africa), 6 out of the 10 submitted by Liberia were accepted. These abstracts showcase the field work that was conducted during the FETP-Frontline courses and are representative of the impact FETP-Frontline graduates are making every day in their communities:

  1. Oral Poster – David K. Cholopleh: Whopping Cough Outbreak, Wartuoken, Webbo District, Liberia, 2016
  2. Oral Poster – Moses B. Fomba: Maternal Mortality in Bomi County, Liberia, 2015
  3. Oral Poster – Maternal Mortality in Buchanan District, Grand Bassa County, Liberia, 2015
  4. Oral Poster – Lily Sanvee-Blebo: Post-Ebola Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response, Republic of Liberia, 2015
  5. Oral Presentation – Miatta Kullie: Measles Outbreak, Duazon Communities, Mamba Kaba District, Margibi County, Liberia 2015
  6. Oral Presentation – Mustapha Sombai: Outbreak of Unidentified Skin Blisters, Liberia, 2015
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