Ebola Update- 3 confirmed cases and 166 contacts

Since 19/11/2015, three cases from the same family have been confirmed. These include a 15-year old child (deceased), his 8- year old sibling, and their father. Other two members of the same family (mother and baby) have IgG positive result. The mother who has also had an IgM positive test result remains asymptomatic.

The source of the outbreak is still being investigated.

Among the 210 reported as either suspected or probable cases; 99 have been reclassified as NOT cases following laboratory results.

To date, 19 have been admitted to the ETU; the above 3 confirmed, 16 probable and suspected cases – of whom 2 are deceased, 13 were discharged alive, and 4 are currently at the ETU.

There are currently total of 166 contacts; all except one are listed and on twice daily follow-up.

There is good co-ordination between the Ministry of Health and Partners for this response, with twice daily update and planning meetings.

Our FETP cohort 1 graduates in Montserrado are very much involved in the surveillance; contact tracing and active case search. Other DSOs and CSOs in other counties (including our current trainees) are also keeping heightened surveillance on EVD. Infection prevention practices have been strengthened at all facilities.

I will keep you updated.

Thank you.

Liberia Basic FETP