Health Management Workforce Capacity-Building in Liberia, Post-Ebola

Author: Kristina Talbert-Slagle


Talbert-Slagle, K., Koomson, F., Candy, N., Donato, S., Whitney, J., Plyler, C., Allen, N., Mourgkos, G., Marsh, R.H., Kerr, L., Wong, R., Fallah, M. and Dahn, B.,

Journal details:

Annals of Global Health

Annals of Global Health, 87(1), p.100. DOI:

Publication Date: March 24, 2022


Following the Ebola crisis in Liberia in 2014–15, the Liberian Ministry of Health developed a strategy to build a fit-for-purpose health workforce, focusing on both health care providers and health managers. To help fulfill national capacity-building goals for health management, a team of faculty, staff, and practitioners from the Yale School of Medicine, the University of Liberia, the National Public Health Institute of Liberia, and the Ministry of Health collaboratively developed and launched the health management program in Liberia in July 2017. The team worked to build specific management and leadership competencies for healthcare workers serving in management and leadership roles in Liberia’s health sector using two concurrent strategies—1) implementation of a hospital-based partnership-mentorship model in the two largest hospitals in the capital city of Monrovia, and 2) establishment of an executive education-style advanced Certificate in Health Systems Leadership and Management at the University of Liberia. Here we describe the health management program in Liberia, its focus, and its evolution from program launch in 2017 to the present, as well as ongoing efforts to transition program activities to local partner ownership by the end of 2021.