Liberia FETP Films from the Frontline

Liberia FETP Films from the Frontline To document the improvement of the Liberia healthcare system and the impact of Liberia FETP, the team is putting together a short film highlighting the activities of the program and its participants from the field. The video posted below is the trailer for a much longer video of the work currently underway.…
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Special Visit from CDC Director of the Division of Global Health Protection

Last week, the Liberia FETP had the honor of hosting Dr. Jordan Tappero, Director of the Division of Global Health Protection for the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Dr. Tappero, guest of Deputy Minister of Health, Tolbert Nyenswah, stopped by to observe the first workshop for Cohort 3 and encourage them to continue the…
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Sock it to me!

Perhaps the only thing more important to the Liberia FETP than improving the disease prevention, detection, and response capacity of the Ministry of Health (MoH) are socks. Yes. Socks. During each workshop, participants, instructors, and guests challenge each other to determine whose socks are the most stylish, unique, and eye-catching. While started in jest, the competition…
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Graduation Ceremony for Cohort 2

Congratulations to the second cohort of the Field Epidemiology Training Program. Cohort 2 began their training last November. After three long months of mixed in-class and in-field training, they returned to present their final projects and receive their FETP certificates.   On the first day of Workshop 3, all of the trainees delivered power point presentations, covering topics such…
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